Latest available version: 4.0.571 Last updated: 26.11.2012
Cretica Invoice puts focus on user friendliness, without cutting back on functions.

Cretica differs from similar programs by lowering system resource requirements and operating more efficiently, allowing mass invoicing in a matter of seconds, while still leaving you in full control.

You will be notified when invoices pass their due date, or other events, giving you full control of the different stages of invoicing. You can also get an overview from generated reports.

Cretica includes an easy system for backing up your data, as well as import/export functions.

Cretica Invoice is available in three different versions. Free, Standard og Professional. To find out which one best suits you, compare features here.

Some of the functions you will find in Cretica Invoice

Integrated backup function
Customer register
A register of all the information you need about your customers
Trade reister
The trade register contains details of your products.
User defined fields
Many of the registers allow custom fields if required.
Scheduled Invoicing
This function will generate invoices on specified dates.
Mass invoicing
Mass invoicing is easy. Generate hundreds of invoices by a few clicks
Multiple companies
Lets you create and easily switch between multiple company profiles on the same computer.
Invoice templates
If you don't wish to use the included templates, you may customize your own.
Payment tracking
The program keeps track of unpaid invoices and will notify you upon reaching the due date.
Reports and prints
The program can generate several reports.
All generated documents can be printed, stored as PDF or e-mailed.
A simple timesheet module is included, allowing for registered hours to be transfered to an invoice.

Cretica Invoice comes in the following versions

Cretica Invoice Free
if you only have very few customers and items, and only send out a few invoices every year.
Cretica Invoice Standard
for companies sending a medium amount of invoices per year.
Cretica Invoice Professional
if you want no limitations.
Have a closer look at the functions of the different versions here
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